Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Instabam: Art from The Reckoners fanart contest

I've been ravenously reading the collected works of the person who has quickly become my favorite living author: Brandon Sanderson. A ton of his works are part of a shared universe that he calls the Cosmere (there is a whole forum dedicated to people endlessly discussing the workings of those worlds), but he recently has published the first two books in a new YA science fiction trilogy called The Reckoners. To promote the release of the second book, Firefight, a fanart contest was held. My contribution was this photo I did (using myself as a model, naturally) of one of the villians of the series, an Epic called Instabam. In the series, you never actually see this character, he dies off-screen in between books one and two sometime, but the name gave me a flash of inspiration. I won the contest, too(one of ten prizes)! Enjoy.

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