Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lullaby: The Last Weeks

In 2013, I participated in my local NaNoWriMo group for the first time. Although I didn't win, I did get a good start on a project I've been working on in one format or another since the early aughts. Originally, Lullaby was intended to be a television series, then a stage musical, but in the end (in the interest of ease, since working without collaboration is usually less complicated) I decided to write it as a novel.  Lullaby was a lot of fun to work on during NaNo... Mostly because I wrote all of the fun parts. Now I have a large chunk of the manuscript, and my goal is to finish a first draft by the end of February, have a workshop draft finished by the end of May, run a weekend workshopping session with my artists group Ekphrasis, and then re-edit and begin shopping it by the end of June.

Lullaby is a dystopian novel in which a young musician finds himself leading a group of revolutionaries and navigating a web of secrecy in a desperate bid for freedom.

The novel is written in five acts. Currently act one and most of acts two and four are written, as well as a good portion of act five. Act three is giving a me a lot of trouble, but I have to tackle it sooner or later! Check back here often for updates, and bug me if I haven't written any for a while.

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